Universal Music: R2

The Ask: UMG needed a web app to replace its legacy (PowerBuilder) application Global Repertoire Management System, which was difficult to update and distribute internationally.
The Answer:
Along with a small team, I designed and implemented the UX and UI of a new product. Employing heavy use of AJAX, R2 is a modern transformation that is distributed over an intranet. Streamlining business processes, R2 allows UMG to become the market leader in the evolution of digital releases, while keeping pace with the growth in volume of digital product sales. I created business requirements docs, functional specification docs, wireframes, UI, style guides, lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes (the client was accustomed to hi-fi prototypes and design flows, on a short turnaround, where the look and feel was fully realized). Design patterns include: trees, tabs, combobox, modal windows, balloons, grids, pagination, quick search, and more.