Sensis: San Diego Gas & Electric

The Ask: After Sensis delivered a fresh new site to the client, SDG&E revised many parts of the site on their own over the years, resulting in an inconsistent site with out of date pages.  SDG&E needed a comprehensive audit and overhaul to bring all of the massive site up to date.

The Answer: I created a meaningful and engaging experience, both for business and consumer users. Research and discovery included: stakeholder interviews, ethnographic interviews, competitive analysis, usability testing, content inventory and audit, SEO and data analytics analysis.  The interviews identified key tasks, which were then tested with actual customers.  Deliverables included 236 page document detailing the research and providing very specific recommendations, including: content strategy, copyrighting, consistency, tone, taxonomy, personalization, use of video content, content length, tone of imagery, and visual design.  Also included were personas and site maps. View the 236 page document which includes an additional 11 page sample of research questions.